Golf Club Votes for Member Assessment

Julie Anderson

On April 19, one of the golf course irrigation pumps broke down. The secondary back-up pump is also close to failure. Without an efficient pump, the golf course is not able to irrigate the golf course, and our lush, green carpet of grass would turn brown. The golf course and SunBird HOA are separate entities, and responsibility for the operation and management of the golf course resides with the golf course members and its board of directors. Following several site visits and bids from pump repair and replacement vendors, the Golf Board held an emergency meeting to determine how to pay for replacement of the existing pumps, gate valves, and control panel, which will cost approximately $180,000. Per SunBird Golf Club’s bylaws, a quorum is required for any expenditure over $90,000. The Golf Board of Directors proposed a $600 assessment of its members to help cover the cost, combined with upcoming fundraisers and contributions. Of its 251 members, 207 (82%) cast a ballot, either in person or by proxy. Of the 207 votes, 195 (94%) voted yes, and 12 (6%) voted no. The $600 member assessment passed and will be due June 1. Members may pay by either mailing a check to the Golf Shop at 6240 SunBird Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85249, or by calling the Golf Shop at 480-883-0820 with credit card details.

At this time, the Golf Board would like to thank our entire community, as well as its members, for their support and encouragement during this challenge. We appreciate you. We are committed to preserving, improving, and protecting the legacy of our beautiful golf course, and we thank each of you for your support.