Going Green Committee – June 2014

Nancy Eckstein

Courtney Miller from the Arizona Attorney General’s office suggested going to www.consumer.ftc.gov (Federal Trade Commission) for more information on the various things she talked about at her March presentation here at SunBird. This website has many articles on limiting unwanted calls and emails; protecting your identity; scam alerts and much, much more.

Hate mosquitoes? Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by making sure there is no standing water on your property. Check and empty trays beneath flower pots, rain gutters, pails, bird feeders, etc.

Did you know that a mixture of mouthwash and water can be used as a mosquito repellant? Mix one-quarter mouthwash to three-quarters water in a spray bottle. It smells better than commercial repellant and it works pretty well.

Check your tire pressure once a month and before long trips to keep tires at their optimal pressure for better gas mileage.