Get to know Your Neighbors

Layne Varney

The SunBird Marketing Committee SunBird Committee has been exploring ways to help SunBird neighbors and friends get to know each other better. What better way to do this than to have a party! Last year, many neighbors had neighbor/block parties, and for some, this is an annual event. This can be as simple as organizing a potluck at someone’s home, driveway, or backyard. Another place to meet would be to reserve and meet at the clubhouse or patio area to get together.

Sometimes, a neighbor may have a talent to share, like playing a musical instrument or just bring music to listen to. For fun, the office has some SunBird trivia questions that are available.

Many areas in SunBird are hosting these events to get to know each other better and have a fun time. These events help build better neighborhoods and friendships. Further, they can help with community watch programs, increase the level of friendliness, and help neighbors become aware of other neighbors’ circumstances.

Is your block/neighborhood having a party? If one is not step up, be the one to start one as an annual event. Talk with your neighbors, plan, set the date and time, choose the type of event, and invite those in your area. And last, but not least, have FUN!