Get ready for some fun carpet in the clubhouse

In last month’s SunBird News, we outlined some of the many various projects being completed in our SunBird Community this summer, including painting and replacing carpeting in the clubhouse. The carpet has been ordered, and you will say wow when you see it! You may love it (we hope so) or you may not, but we guarantee you will notice it!

As mentioned in last month’s SunBird News, our HOA board has budgeted and approved painting and replacing the flooring, but rather than replace with the same neutral carpet, we followed the advice of a professional interior consultant and selected a wow-factor carpet. The carpet has been designed to be the focal point of our clubhouse and to highlight our amazing hallways. The hallway carpet will feature a bold design running the length of the clubhouse on the main floor and upstairs. A complimentary design will be installed in the billiards room, the living room area, the library, and the puzzle room as well as the smaller rooms off the main hallway. The office and pro shop areas will receive a third neutral design so as not to compete with that of the central hallway. A commercial-grade laminate and complimentary “walk off” carpet will be installed in the heavy-traffic areas.

Upstairs, we will remove all the carpet and tile in the Horizon Room and replace it with commercial-grade laminate flooring that looks like wood. This will be cleaner and easier to maintain than the current carpeting. It will also solve a major complaint of residents when it comes to the Horizon Room: The dance area is too small. Now you will be able to dance and shuffle throughout the Horizon Room and not be encumbered by carpet. The laminate flooring has a small degree of texture and padding, so it will not be as slippery when wet or as unforgiving when something drops on it as tile would be. It is also not as noisy as tile, which, of course, is a concern for restaurant flooring. Our Horizon Room staff is excited to retire their vacuum cleaners! We will not be replacing the tiled area behind the bar and serving station this year; that will be in phase 2. We had to scale back somewhere, and much as we would have liked to replace the tile behind these areas, we needed to stay within our budget. Next year, the Horizon Room will receive a waterproof, padded flooring behind the bar and service area that will eliminate the need for any rubberized floor mats.

Again, please be patient as we navigate through the floor replacement process. We have huge storyboard easels to map out the timing of carpet replacement. The pro shop carpet will be installed during October when the golf course is closed for reseeding, but the rest of the flooring install will be completed by the end of September. A big thank you to Layne Varney, SunBird Golf Resort’s manager, for coordinating and scheduling this huge undertaking. Just think about moving all those library books and the pool tables—aren’t you glad Layne is taking care of that for us?!