General Information

All information listed in the General Information section of the SunBird Source Book is in alphabetical order. Please consult the Table of Contents of the SunBird Source Book for a consolidated listing of topics. The Valley and State Resource Guide is in alphabetical order and lists many activities and areas of interest outside of the SunBird community.
PLEASE NOTE: All phone numbers listed without an area code are local
(480) numbers.

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Activity Rooms
The activity rooms at SunBird are available to homeowners when not in use for classes or activities. Please check with the Activities Director for further information at 802-4901.
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Architectural Committee
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is chartered to review all proposed exterior modifications to every lot or residence within SunBird. The purpose of this committee is to protect and maintain the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the community. Written approval of the ACC must be received prior to the commencement of work of any exterior modification.

The ACC has developed a Guideline booklet to assist residents in preparing proposed modification plans for their review. Copies are available at the SunBird Administrative Offices.

Each request for an exterior modification must be accompanied with an Architectural Application. The forms are available at the SunBird Administrative Offices. A complete set of plans with a plot plan indicating location, dimensions, materials, colors and other applicable descriptions must be included when submitting plans for review.

Plans should be submitted to the SunBird Administrative Offices the Friday prior to the weekly Wednesday meeting.

The ACC meets regularly to review and discuss requests for exterior modifications. For meeting dates or times, please contact the SunBird Administrative Offices at 802-4901.
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Barbecue Grills
Barbecue grills are located on the top deck of the main swimming pool. Three gas barbecue grills are available for SunBird homeowners and guests to use. Please consult the administrative office before use to ensure tanks are filled with gas.
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Billiards Room
The billiards room is open from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily. No one 15 years of age or younger may use the pool tables. Guest 16-18 years of age may use the tables and equipment only with the host homeowner present. No food or drink is permitted in the billiards room. Regularly scheduled group play occurs throughout the week. Please check with the administrative office for additional information.
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Building Maintenance
SunBird has a full-time maintenance manager and staff. If you should see a maintenance-related problem, please report it to a SunBird staff member or call 802-4901.
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Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards displaying information on classes/activities, sign-up sheets, tour information, homeowner news, community events, church information and club information are located on the main floor of the clubhouse.

A community sales and service bulletin board is located in the clubhouse. This board is designed for use by SunBird homeowners only. 3” x 5” cards should be used and must have the homeowners name, address and phone number listed.
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Churches In SunBird And Sun Lakes
Please call the individual church for location and worship times.

SunBird Community Church 895-6014

Anglican Episcopal Church of Reconciliation
*** Fanus 883-3130

Kenneth Stokes 895-5030

Chandler Presbyterian 963-3821

First Baptist Church of Sun Lakes 895-1088

Oasis of Grace Assembly of God 895-6946

Risen Savior Lutheran Church 895-6782

St. John’s Anglican Church 895-5614

St. Steven’s Catholic Church 895-9266

Sun Lakes Chapel 883-0836

Sun Lakes Chapel House 883-0836

Sun Lakes Community Church 895-9147

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation 895-6917

Sun Lakes Spiritualist Center 802-4286

Sun Lakes United Church of Christ 895-6317

Sun Lakes United Methodist Church 895-8766

Temple Havurat Emet – Mel Moss 802-4120

Unity Church of Sun Lakes 632-5543

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Dress Code For The Recreation Complex
In order to retain a pleasant atmosphere in our recreation complex, the following dress code has been established:

  • Clothing covering the torso must be worn over swimwear when inside all facilities except when using the indoor whirlpool and saunas. Shirts and shoes are required in the clubhouse and exercise room.
  • When using the exercise facilities, attire must be worn that is appropriate to the exercise facility atmosphere. Clothing covering the torso must be worn at all times.

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Education Center
The Sun Lakes Education Center is located at the corner of Riggs and Alma School (25105 South Alma School Road). For general information please call 857-5500. The center handles registration and other related student services.

The Sun Lakes Education Center’s primary purpose is to serve the non-credit and credit needs of senior adults. Non-credit and credit classes will be designed for senior adults’ physical needs, such as length of time, seating, etc. The Education Center will serve as an educational satellite of Chandler-Gilbert Community College.
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Electric Service
Customer choice is coming to Arizona’s electric utility industry. Salt River Project (SRP) provides residential electric service for the area. To learn more about what choice means for SRP’s customers, contact the SRP Consumer Education Information Line at 1-877-233-2287.

Please call SRP at 602-236-8888 to connect or disconnect electric service, for account information, and to make payment arrangements. To report a power outage or an electrical emergency, call 602-236-8811.
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Emergency Phone Numbers

Chandler Regional Hospital 963-4561
SunBird Patrol 797-8605

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Exercise Facilities
The SunBird exercise facility is open daily from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. for SunBird homeowners and authorized guests.

It has an indoor whirlpool, two saunas, exercise equipment and clothes storage lockers (available for rent). Residents and non-local guests 19 years of age and older may use these facilities. Non-local guest 16-18 years of age may use the fitness room and equipment, only when their host homeowner is present.
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General Golf Information

6240 S. SunBird Blvd. Chandler AZ 85249
PRO SHOP: 883-0820
FAX: 883-0918
INFO: 659-5316

SunBird Golf Club is semi-private and open to the public. Groups and tournaments welcome.

18 Hole Golf Course YARDAGE 4450
Pro Shop PAR 66
Practice Putting Green RATING 61.3
Driving Range SLOPE 95
PGA Instruction
Rental Carts/Clubs Available

A green fee rate schedule can be obtained through the SunBird Pro Shop. The golfing year begins January 1st and runs through December 31st. Please contact the pro shop for current information.

Rental: A limited number of rental golf carts is available. Please inform the pro shop when making your tee time if any are needed. This is especially important during high season when guests are in town. You must be 21 years old to rent a golf cart.

Private: Privately owned electric golf carts are permitted on the golf course cart paths during a round of golf. No trail fee is required.

Rules of operation: Carts must be driven on paths unless using a valid disability/access flag/sticker. The pro shop issues access flags/stickers. Please refer to your disability/access sticker information packet for specific rules and regulations regarding use.

Occupancy in a golf cart is limited to two persons and two golf bags. Non-golfing passengers will be charged a spectator fee. Golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license. It is a golf course policy that no more than two carts are used per foursome.

Dress Code 
This dress code is for the golf course and practice area and applies to all persons utilizing these facilities. Please inform your guests of the dress code.

Ladies: Slacks, golf shorts or skirts no shorter than mid-thigh, blouses, or sweaters. No tank tops, athletic shorts, halter tops, swimwear, or tennis wear permitted. Denim shorts or pants in good repair are permitted.

Gentlemen: Slacks or golf shorts no shorter than mid-thigh and a collared shirt with sleeves. No tank tops, athletic shorts, swimwear, or tennis attire permitted. Denim shorts or pants in good repair are permitted.

Footwear: Shoes are required. Soft spike golf shoes, sneakers, or rubber-soled shoes can be worn on the golf course and the practice facility. Any footwear that can damage the greens is strictly prohibited.

The golf professional and the staff have the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the golf course and the practice facilities.

Golf Course Rules 
The golf course is for use by golfers only. No pets allowed on the golf course. For your safety: No jogging, walking, biking, or skating is allowed. No fivesomes allowed. No fishing in golf lakes except in designated areas (roadside: between signs #8, #9). Bringing your own alcoholic beverages onto the golf course is prohibited.

The person striking the golf ball is responsible for any personal or property damage caused by the flight of that ball. Please leave your name and phone number if an accident occurs. Do not retrieve your golf ball from a homeowner’s private property.

You may retrieve only your golf ball hit into the lakes during play. All other balls are the property of the golf course.

Driving Range 
Range balls are sold in the pro shop. The range will be closed periodically for maintenance and mowing (check with the pro shop for schedules). Range balls and baskets are not to leave the practice area. Possession of range balls other than in the practice area is prohibited.

Making Tee Times And Check-In Procedure

Making tee times
Residents and renters in SunBird may call 883-0820 five days in advance to make tee times. When calling with less than a foursome, the pro shop will fill the vacancies. Only one tee time per phone call. No exceptions.

All golfers must check in at the pro shop, no exceptions. Please check in at least 15 minutes before your tee time. All golfers must start at the 1st tee unless authorized by the pro shop.

Please show courtesy and cancel tee times at least three hours before your scheduled time. Repeated failure to do so will be reviewed by management and possible suspension of golf privileges may result. Groups showing up without giving adequate notice of vacancies are subject to delay while efforts are made to make up a foursome.

Waiting List
The pro shop will make a list of the names and phone numbers of those who want to play but did not get a tee time. Foursomes have priority over threesomes, twosomes, and singles. Only on the day of play will twosomes and singles fill a foursome spot on the waiting list. The starter will also use standbys to fill last minute vacancies.

Messages concerning tee times will not be left on answering machines.

Frost Delays
During frost season appoint one member of your group to call for information 659-5316 regarding delays approximately 30 minutes after sunrise if you have an early tee time. For those with later tee times, call 30-45 minutes ahead of your scheduled time as cancellation and changes can often make up some of the earlier delay. It is the golfers’ responsibility to be present for their tee time.

Golf Course Rangers
Rangers are on duty to see that all players keep pace and do not fall behind. Remember: pace of play is determined by how you keep up with the group in front of you, NOT if you are staying ahead of the group behind you.

Maximum playing time: 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Players who are unable to catch up after falling behind may be required to skip a hole as necessary to maintain their position on the course.

Rangers will also give special attention to etiquette and course abuses. You are respectfully asked to respond politely to their directions and decisions. Rangers will report all violations to the pro shop. Repeat violations will be reviewed by management and possible suspension of golfing privileges may result.

Tournaments And Club Associations

Group outings and tournaments are available. Please contact the pro shop for rates and schedule availability.

Club Associations
Memberships in the following associations are available to homeowners. Applications for membership are available in the pro shop. These associations have a regular schedule of events based on a season beginning November 1st through October 31st.

Ladies’ 9-Hole Association
Ladies’ 18-Hole Association
Men’s 9-Hole Association
Men’s 18-Hole Association
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Golf Cart Information

Private Golf Cart Usage On Streets (HOA Only)
Golf carts are permitted only on Maricopa County streets where the speed limit is 35 miles an hour or lower. Golf carts must have an Arizona license plate when used on the county streets. For further information you may call the Motor Vehicle Division, 255-0072.

  • Golf carts must be driven by licensed drivers only. NO CHILDREN PLEASE.
  • Only two riders per golf cart.
  • When using your cart for transportation around SunBird please:
  • Observe all traffic laws.
  • Keep to the right on the streets so cars can pass.
  • Use proper hand signals.

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Health & Medical Centers

Health Center
Alma School & Riggs (See Map C, pg. 10, Bldg. 5 in your Source Book)
The Sun Lakes Health Center provides primary care physicians, specialists, radiology including mammography, laboratory services, a pain management center, and educational classes and seminars.

The Community Room has meeting space for health and educational seminars and other community needs. It has a built-in audio system, two televisions and a video projection screen. The Community Room has a seating capacity of 100, for room reservations, please call 821-3223.

Health Center Directory
Alma School & Riggs (See Map C, page 10 in your Source Book)
The following physicians have offices in the Sun Lakes Health Center located at the northeast corner of Alma School and Riggs Road. Please visit their web site at

ADOBE E.N.T. & ALLERGY 649-8150
Richard A. Mickle, D.O.

Michael Barry, D.O.

Kianoush Kian, M.D.

Clark Fullmer, D.P.M.Donald Siegel, D.P.M.
Kerry Zang, D.P.M.
Kimberly Leach, D.P.M.
Robert Zobel, D.P.M.
Todd Galle, D.P.M.
Rob Evans, D.P.M.

Raymond P. Roffi, M.D.

Russell Stowell, D.C.

Debra Michel, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.R.
Santina Carminati Taddi, M.D.

FAMILY FOOT & ANKLE, P.C. 895-8222
Alan J. Discont, D.P.M.

Janine Dumont, D.D.S.

Roger P. Rose, D.O.
Jennifer McDonald, M.D.
Kenneth D. Paige, D.O.
Kim Brontsema, PA-C

Robert B. Cloar, M.D., A.B.F.P.

Medical Plaza Directory 
Riggs Rd. & Sun Lakes Blvd.
The following physicians and/or services have offices in the Sun Lakes Medical Center located at Sun Lakes Blvd. and Riggs Road. For location of offices see Map A on page 10.

Dr. Bloomberg, Boles Yao
Internal Medicine 895-1090

Dr. J. David Brown, Podiatrist 895-5659

Scottsdale Center for Sight/Optical Shop 895-8900

Progressive Home Medical 895-1877

Robson Communities Property Management
(RV, Mini-Storage and Apartments) 895-0791

Sun Lakes Hearing Aid Center 895-7636

Home Delivered Meals
Chandler Meals on Wheels 963-5678

Neighbors Who Care 895-7133
(Evening meals delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
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Homeowners’ Office
The homeowners’ office is located in the main clubhouse. Information on identification cards, homeowners’ dues, guest cards, automobile and golf cart decals, change of address forms and locker room rentals are available from the homeowners’ office. Call the Homeowners’ Association at 802-4901 for any additional information.
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Identification Cards

For Associate Members
Associate Member eligibility is one of the following:

  • Persons over the age of nineteen residing with homeowners as the third resident.
  • Property owner when more than two names appear on the deed.

Associate Membership may be purchased at the homeowners’ office at a cost of one-half of the Homeowners Association fee. An Associate Member ID card, permits use of the recreational facilities. Guest ID card applications are not permitted for Associate Member(s). Please check with the homeowners’ office at 802-4901 for more information.

Identification Cards For Guests
Two guest cards have been assigned to each home. Additional temporary guest cards are available at the homeowners’ office. Only homeowners may apply for guest passes.

When using the facilities, guests must, at all times, have a valid guest pass in his/her possession.

Homeowners are responsible for making their guests aware of club policies, rules and dress codes. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the facilities. Guests are not allowed to have guests. Associate Members are not allowed to have guests.

Guest passes may be used for a maximum of thirty days per year per guest. After the time frame of thirty days, an application must be made for an Associate Membership and dues paid on a six-month basis. In his/her absence, the primary resident cannot have a guest in residence under the age of forty stay over a 30-day period.

Identification Cards For Homeowners/Property Owners
The Homeowner ID card is proof of property ownership in SunBird and is not transferable. SunBird ID cards must be carried when using any of the facilities. Pertinent to the “Homeowners Association Community Recreational Facilities Fee Acknowledgment,” up to two ID cards per homesite may be issued by the homeowners’ office for use of the club facilities. In the event the property is held in trust or corporate owned, two persons may be declared annually as recipients of this privilege and must be residents at the address.

Those electing to exercise the privilege of using the facilities must meet the following requirements:

  • Pay the prescribed fee.
  • Be a titled owner.
  • Must meet the age requirements.
  • Exceptional circumstances must be presented to and approved by the board of directors.

Identification Cards For Renters
Homeowners renting their homes privately must apply for Renter ID cards (two per homesite) at the homeowners’ office. A complete copy of the Rental Policy Form is required. All fees must be current. If you are using the services of a realtor, the realtor may apply, but must submit a copy of the signed lease.

Renter ID cards will be issued upon receipt of such documentation. Homeowner must sacrifice use of facilities while renter is occupying property. Renter age restrictions are in accordance with the Declaration of Restrictions. Dues must be paid before Renters’ ID cards will be issued. Renters cannot use the Homeowners’ ID card. Renters without cards cannot use the SunBird recreational facilities.

Identification Decals For Cars And Golf Carts
SunBird car/golf cart numbered decals are available for $1 at the homeowners’ office and are coded for SunBird Patrol. They are for your convenience and are mandatory.
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Library ~ SunBird 
The SunBird library is located on the main floor of the clubhouse. Library hours are from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily for your reading pleasure. Use of the library is on the honor system. Please return all books you take home to read. The library has grown through homeowner donations, so all book donations are greatly appreciated.
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Library ~ Sun Lakes Branch
The Maricopa County Library – Ed Robson Branch is located at 9330 East Riggs Road. Library hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information call 895-5123.
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Mail Delivery
Postal service is provided through the City of Chandler Post Office. Please call them at 1-800-275-8777 to order your mailbox keys. Your keys will be delivered to your home within two days. They will need your name and street address in Chandler. Your box will be located in the mailbox cluster near your home.
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Newspaper – SunBird News
The SunBird News is a free monthly newspaper published for the residents of the SunBird community. Residents and staff members generate articles. Subjects covered are general news, feature stories, club reports, calendar of current events, sports and religious functions.

Deadline for either editorial or advertisements is the 10th of each month. If the 10th occurs on a weekend, the deadline will then be the Friday prior. Articles can be submitted for the SunBird News at the administrative offices. If you have any questions about the paper, contact the administrative offices at 802-4901.
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The SunBird Patrol can be reached at (cell) 797-8605 and provides the following services:

  • Enforcement of deed restrictions, rules and regulations.
  • RV parking control.
  • Overnight street parking for unauthorized visitors.

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Dogs, cats and other animals must be kept on a leash when not confined to the owner’s lot or property.
Pets are strictly prohibited in the clubhouse or on the golf course and any other recreation areas. No owner shall permit their dog, cat or other animal to create unsanitary conditions anywhere on the common areas.

For your pet’s protection, have him/her licensed. You may contact the Sun Lakes Animal Clinic at 895-7633 or Maricopa County Animal Control Services at 506-7387 for complete information about licensing.
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Post Office – SunBird
A full service post office (802-6783) is located in the building immediately east of the tennis courts and the shuffleboard courts. The post office is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. from October through April. From May through September 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The hours may vary in the summer time and Christmas season. Mail is picked up at the post office and the blue postal box across from the clubhouse at 2:15 p.m.-4:00 p.m. by Chandler’s main post office.
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RV Parking And Storage
RV’s may be parked 72 hours to load and unload your RV parked on the street in front of your home. Vehicles left longer than 72 hours will be ticketed. A first “courtesy” warning is issued advising of the 72-hour time limit to move the vehicle to a storage area. After the expiration of the time limit, a citation will be issued and the information forwarded to the SunBird Rules Compliance Committee. After RV has been parked 72 hours in SunBird it may not return for seven days.
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Shopping Center Directory

American Self-Storage & Mail Center 895-0955
Bronco Cleaners 883-9900
Hair PhD 883-8933
Kelley Family Car & RV Wash 895-5871
SunTree Realty 895-4000
Shopping Center Directory

MCQUEEN/RIGGS – Fry’s Shopping Center
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
(inside Fry’s) 602-335-5825
Fry’s Marketplace 883-6500
Golf Etc. 895-1992
Great Clips 895-9411
Jack in the Box 802-7807
Little Ceasars Pizza 802-4300
Neo Nails 895-3001
Oxford Cleaners 883-7545
Panda Express 895-6291
Planet Beach Tanning 802-1583
Riggs Marketplace Dental Care 812-3999
Subway 802-1544
Wireless Central 883-9800
Shopping Center Directory

ALMA SCHOOL/RIGGS (See Map D, page 10 of your Source Book)
Asian Grill 802-9888
Bashas’ Market 802-7182
BJ’s Hair Salon 895-7770
DBK Bookkeeping & Tax Service 895-7888
Dental – Jaffar Elahi DDS 883-8000
Fletcher Music Center 883-3677
OPT Rehab 802-7081
Reay’s Minit Market 802-2611
RM Travel Group 895-9362
Southwest Golf Cars 802-8311
Sun Lakes Realty – Property Mgmt 895-8400
Wachovia 895-3874
Walgreens 895-0762

DOBSON/RIGGS (See Map B, pg. 10 of your
Source Book)

Ace Hardware 802-2100
Bank of America 827-6642
Beall’s 802-3494
BJ’s Hair Salon 895-0130
B&R Engineering 895-0799
Burger King 895-7733
Charles Co. & Schroeder Financial 895-0611
Curves for Women 895-7269
CVS Pharmacy 895-3063
Dental – Dr. Saba & Dr. Romanin 895-2111
Desert Hearing Center 985-2544
Flooring Gallery 895-4241
Home Mortgage Finance Corp. 895-5555
Horner Group Golf Cars 895-0608
KFC/A&W Root Beer 883-0400
Local Gentry Barber Shop 895-9019
Old Republic Title 895-9247
Post Office in the Ace Hardware 895-5471
Psychotherapy – Carolyn Boles 895-2010
Ramiro’s Taco Shop 802-6774
Renaissance Beauty Salon 883-2720
Renaissance Masseuse 883-2725
Renal West, Inc. 883-1301
Robson Publishing – Splash Newspaper 895-4216
Subway Restaurant 802-2210
Sun Devil Automotive 895-0881
Sun Lakes Animal Clinic 895-7633
Sun Lakes Realty 895-9300
Western Broadband 895-8084
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Six shuffleboard courts are available for play from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily. Users must be sixteen years old to play. Guests 16-18 years of age may use the shuffleboard courts with their host homeowner present. Please do not walk on the surface of the shuffleboard courts as they are very slippery.
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Source Book
The SunBird Source Book is the official telephone directory and community guide for the residents of SunBird.Homeowners who choose to have a listing or have any changes to the SunBird Source Book must submit the information to the SunBird Administration Office, 6250 S. SunBird Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85249, or call 802-4901 by October 1, 2009 for the 2009 edition. The Source Book is published on an annual basis and is available in January.
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Sports Equipment Room
The sports equipment room is located in the building adjacent to the tennis courts and is open from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily. Shuffleboard, horseshoes and tennis equipment is available to checkout.
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Swimming Pools
There are two adult pools designed for homeowners and their guests. The pool at the laundry facility is for ADULTS ONLY AT ALL TIMES. Children under sixteen years of age are allowed to swim at the main clubhouse pool with parents’ supervision according to the schedule. Please contact the office for the schedule.
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Swimming Pool Rules
The pools are open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.
An adult must accompany children with proper
homeowner or guest ID cards.

  • Children must be toilet-trained before being allowed to swim in the pool. No diapers or swim diapers.
  • Diving, jumping, or running is not permitted.
  • No lotions or oils in pools. Showering is required before entering pools.
  • No floats or tubes in pools (only water wings are acceptable). Water games are allowed.
  • No loud music or glass containers.
  • Smoking is not permitted while in the swimming pools and jacuzzi.

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Tennis Court Rules
Courtesy and etiquette: All persons should observe normal court courtesy and etiquette when using the courts or waiting for an open court.
Dress attire: Appropriate tennis attire must be worn. No shoes other than tennis shoes are permitted on the courts. Shirts must be worn.

Playing time: Doubles 2 hours
Singles 1 1/2 hours
Ball Machine 1 1/2 hours
(for tennis club members only)

Courts are available for use by all property owners, except when reserved for SunBird Tennis Club activities and special events. Homeowners wishing to use the courts should check the court bulletin boards which are located at the tennis courts to determine available court time.

Court time reservation can be made at the bulletin boards located at the tennis courts. If all courts are in use, individuals must remain at the courts while waiting for an open court. Individuals not at the court ten minutes after reserved time forfeit court time when others are waiting for an open court.
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Voter Registration
In order to vote in the state of Arizona you must be registered 29 days prior to any election. Registration forms are available at the SunBird post office.

For information about voter registration, absentee ballots or districts, call the Maricopa County Elections Office at 506-1511.
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Walking Around SunBird
While walking, please walk facing traffic and not more than two abreast. If walking during darkness, please wear light colored clothing; (if possible, with reflective tape) and always carry a flashlight.
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Water, Sewer, Sanitation Service, Recycling
The City of Chandler provides water, sewer and sanitation. The customer service number is 786-2280.
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