From the golf superintendent

Marc Francoeur

We have been very busy the last couple of months; a complete aeration of the golf course and some irrigation upgrades to No. 15 perimeters and No. 10 rough areas around the bunker on the right. We are already seeing improvement in these areas; the grass is returning and the playability is very favorable! We have the SunBird Garden Club to thank for making this project possible with their generous donation, especially Gudie Huffman. Also, we have finally gotten a handle on most of the weeds caused by the frequent spring rainfall, plus, the normal general maintenance that goes on daily.

As you all know, we have had a cooler than normal May. I know that was ages ago in SunBird time, but it was really great golfing weather. As a result of the cooler weather, our transition to the summer grass has been delayed by about a month. Unfortunately, this makes it feel like it has taken longer than past years, but I assure you it actually was shorter.

Throughout the summer, you will continue to see sprinklers and hoses out in the fairways and roughs during the day. I would appreciate your understanding and patience, as we are trying to get the Bermuda grass to fill in faster. Like last year, we will also be utilizing grass in ugly spots that we have harvested from areas where we don’t want it growing. Bunker edges are great sources for this.

In looking forward to the month of August, we will be doing another round of greens aeration. By the time this article is published, we will have locked down the date that the course will be closed. At that same time, we will be addressing the other areas that have been slow to respond.

This paragraph is a last-minute addition to this article. After playing with the Coyotes group on Wednesday, it is very evident that I cannot have another year with the ryegrass pollution around the greens. Those grass clumps that are in your way when you are chipping on the green from the rough is what I’m referring too. I am truly embarrassed with the appearance, and it must have cost me five strokes today as well. Seriously, it is really unfair to you, the golfer, and the fact it’s making the golf course lose its esthetic value.

Here is my plan going forward in the fall: I plan to use a pre-emergent herbicide after the fall overseeding. This will prevent the stray seed which was blown by the wind from germinating and causing the unwanted and unsightly grass clumps. And until it germinates, we don’t know what areas are polluted, so we will just blanket the entire non-overseeded areas with herbicide to prevent the grass clumps.

Happy golfing!