From the Golf Course Superintendent

Marc Francoeur

I always like February here in Arizona. Towards the end of the month, we start to have warmer and longer days. I would say this is as close to spring as we get here in the Valley.

I would like to thank all the members who have taken the time to come up and talk to me about the quality of the golf course. I know the turf care team and I are very pleased that we were able to bring the course from the conditions of last spring to what they are today. We will be striving to better the course everyday with some planned improvements.

One of the planned improvements includes adding irrigation along the left side perimeter rough on #15. These will be smaller sprinklers with a much lower trajectory which will allow us to bring the water closer to the walls and give the grass the water it needs to be healthy. We will also be calling all volunteers to help with another round of adding sand to the bunkers. John Valentine and I will coordinate these dates so you can sign up and help.

This is the perfect time to thank the SunBird Garden Club for their donation. We are able to do this project because of their generous donation. Thank you!

Also, this month we will be taking our new toy (greens aerator) for a test drive as we will be relieving the compaction in the greens. This is important for keeping the greens in the best shape as possible by flushing the salty water though the root profile. With the recent rains and the amount of play, the root profile gets compacted.

We will be watering primarily with Roosevelt water again now that they are done with their annual shut down for maintenance. We were fortunate during their shut down that we got as much rain as we did. At the time of writing, we were just over a total of one inch for the Month of January!

Happy Golfing!