From the Golf Course GM

Rick Lantgen, General Manager, SunBird Golf Club

By now most of the SunBird winter residents are back; so, welcome back. I’m looking forward to catching up on everybody’s summer fun and hope everyone is here with a smile on your face because if you really think about it you have a great resort to enjoy the sun and all the activities that bring you together here.

Over seed is always the biggest task that we take on at the golf course because of the many variables that have to come together to make it successful. SunBird golf course has enjoyed some good over seed conditions in the past and hope this continues in the future. In the last four of the five years we have collected donations from the generous residents of SunBird to go above and beyond the scope of over seeding that we would normally do which for the most part the golf course would normally only seed tee to green. A fun fact here is that our normal acreage of tee to green is 16 acres. And the extra winter seeding we do for all of the community to enjoy totals to the amount of 17 acres, so you can see that even though the donations are great for the extra winter seeding (we are truly thankful for those who chose to participate), the Golf Club has been picking up a big chunk of the shortfalls that the donations bring. So being fiscally responsible to SunBird Golf Inc. membership, it was decided to forego the five acres that encompass the driving range floor. We have seeded the tee and target greens, which includes the chipping area at the end of the driving range. We have seeded the rest of the extra areas as we have done in the past.

This golf shop is operating on all cylinders and we are always there to help you in any way we can. Our new POS software along with the website is a great tool from making tee times to getting updated on all the latest happenings at SunBird Golf Club; please take advantage of all it has to offer; also, give all your friends our website address at; the more visits we get the better chance we have for new guests to enjoy the golf course and all it has to offer.

“The answer is yes, what’s your question?”