Footnotes from the Library – February 2015

Nancy Smith

There are some things we humans find hard to ignore: a ringing phone, a cry for help, taxes. There is often advice we don’t trust: “Some assembly required,” “Easy open” and “You can’t miss it!”

So why do we find it hard to obey signs meant for us to read? We coast through stop signs. When a door says “closed” we try it again anyway. We don’t trust signs.

The library volunteers (all nine of us) are baffled by the theft occurring in our SunBird Library. Sometime in late August this past year all 12 books of the Left Behind religious series were taken: Taken all at once, leaving an empty shelf.

At the end of November last year the electric pencil sharpener was taken: unplugged and the tape over the cord left hanging. It had “Property of SunBird Library” on it. (We appreciate the used replacement donated anonymously).

The question remains unanswered: Why this sudden theft? Why this open desire to take what really belongs to SunBird residents? Everything in our wonderful library has been donated.

Perhaps the only solution is another security camera. Then we’ll find you.