Footnotes from the library

Marilyn Klooster

Do you remember the September Song refrain about the days “dwindling down?” Perhaps Autumn Leaves turning red and gold is one of your favorites. The phrase “Dog Days of August” seems to be with us into this month. The blue skies with 100 plus degree temperatures continue and I seek the shade, stay cool in the pool or, make my escape to the SunBird Library.

Did you know most readers look for books when in the library? In truth, it is the books that seek out the readers. Readers are also known as “bookworms.” Behind every word is a story. Today, word of mouth and social media get information about books to a large audience of bookworms.

Available in our library are words of humor and satire. Originating from bawdy, drinking songs in taverns, the words overtly mocked authority figures. Come and enjoy a good laugh. Remember, a smile is worth 1,000 words.

I invite you to browse among our volumes. To browse correlates with actions that once took place in the open air (livestock nibbling on leaves and tender grass shoots in fields and meadows). Take a nibble from the shelves and then, without pausing, sample an armful (no more than five) for a hearty meal of literary morsels. Do not feather your nests by keeping in your personal library the books and CDs you have borrowed and enjoyed.

In our library, you will find books with great stories and books full of great writing that don’t have very good stories. Try reading sometimes for just the story, sometimes only for the words (language). When you find a book that has both a good story and good words, you have found a treasure.