Footnotes from the library – March 2015

Marilyn Klooster

March – Will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? The SunBird Library volunteers will enter in with a “roar” if borrowed materials are not returned to the library.

As we “march” into spring, our energy increases with the freshness in the air, the floral fragrances, the perfume of blooming citrus, the warm sunlit days and the clear cooler nights. With this energy we “spring” into cleaning our homes, creating windows bright and shiny, closets and shelves clean and tidy.

Reminders of winter frost are out of sight, sweaters and wraps laid to rest in storage boxes and cedar chests. With all of the stowing and sorting, you may uncover a library treasure either to donate or a stamped SunBird Library item for return. Remember, gifts of books, CDs, puzzles, etc. to the library belong to the library and supplement the inventory of this important resource available to our SunBird residents.

Springing forward, I plan to stroll next to a bubbling brook (book in hand) under the canopy of Sycamore and Cottonwood trees. The vegetation and wildlife nearby always adds an extra dimension to my journey. Your stroll through our SunBird Library with its volumes and assorted resources will add an extra dimension to your life’s journey within our SunBird community.

The SunBird Library volunteers thank you for your donations. With the return of borrowed items they will leave March gentle as a lamb – Baa!