Footnotes from the Library—April 1, 2021

Lois Anderson

Spring greetings from all the SunBird Library volunteers. In keeping with the changes of the year, the staff has decided to add excitement to your SunBird Library experience as we again begin to use the clubhouse regularly. First, you will notice that we will not turn on the overhead lights. We are saving electricity, so hunt in the dark or bring a flashlight for your book search at night or on dark, rainy days.

As of the above date, we will be putting two to four puzzles in each puzzle box. This may be a bit confusing at first, but puzzlers are good at working on difficult challenges, and we will also gain valuable shelf space. Table space will remain the same size, so avid puzzle workers may use the floor as needed.

More book space will be gained when we remove the 13th chapter of each book. Thirteen is an unlucky number, and we choose to keep only good vibes in our library. Please bear with us during this labor-intensive cleaning process.

To add variety to your book search, as of the above date, we will file all books in reverse alphabetical order: “Z” first, then “Y”, “X”, all the way to “C”, “B”, and “A”. We are sure that you will quickly catch on to our new filing system as you improve your alphabet skills.

Finally, a jar will be placed on the return-book cart for all fines from overdue books. Since SunBird Library works on the honor system, we know you will place the correct amount in the jar. Make change if necessary, so you don’t overpay your fine. Monies collected will be used to pay overtime to our volunteer workers.

Please note the date of this article—April Fool!