Footnotes from the Library

Lois Anderson

SunBird Library was established for the benefit of all SunBird residents. That means no other communities are allowed to use it, and we do not accept or return books that belong to other libraries (e.g., Sun Lakes, Maricopa, etc.). If you have borrowed a book or other materials from one of these other libraries, we will keep that book, and you will be fined and charged for it by that other library. Do yourself a favor and return books you borrow to the library marked on the book. We will all be happier, especially that other library and your pocketbook.

SunBird Library is open during clubhouse hours and is operated on the honor system. This means that no one checks out the book or magazine, puzzle, or game you want to try. You just take it home and return it as soon as possible so others may enjoy it. There are no fines, so please do not take SunBird items on long trips or to your northern home for summer reading. You are on your honor to remember the rules, thus the honor system.

There are about 14,000 to 15,000 books in the SunBird Library, and all have been donated! Everything in our library (books, puzzles, games, magazines, etc.) has been a gift from someone in SunBird. Please treat our gifts with care. These gifts are for people—not dogs, cats, or swimming pools.

Volunteers are always needed to check books into the library (stamp our name and label for filing), shelve returned materials, especially tons of books, and repair torn items if needed. One can give time to shelve on any day or time, or come only on Fridays at 8 a.m. to check in donations. Some of us even write a column once in a while to help keep you informed about SunBird’s library. If you want to join us, give Nancy Smith a call at 480-802-7144, and she can answer any questions you might have.