Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

There you are, all settled in your favorite chair with your best-seller book, ready to enjoy your quiet time. When you get up to leave, you put a bookmark in the book.

Folks, you would be surprised at the bookmarks you turn in when you return our books. There are “To Do” lists, phone numbers, airline ticket stubs, and recently, four nice family photos of some beautiful people.

Two photos were group shots, one was of a young boy in a football uniform, and one showed a sweet young girl holding her new baby sister. Do you really want to throw these treasures away?

Here’s a suggestion from your library: Pick out some handmade bookmarks there on the counter. They are in a black basket, they are all handmade, and they are FREE. They’re donated by the Crystal Card Project volunteers. Take a couple of these lovely bookmarks. (Just don’t take the basket!)