Footnotes from the library

Nancy Smith

People frequently ask us how many books we have in our Library; 15 years ago it was about 5,000; today it is about 12,000. That is a lot of authors. The newspaper and magazine reviews give us updates on current best sellers, but many readers would like to know a little more about these writers. Here are some fun facts that we’d like to share:

Jeffery Archer – Served five years in Britain’s House of Commons and five years in the House of Lords.

Barbara Taylor Bradford – Was a newspaper reporter at age 16 and an editor and columnist at age 20.

Philippa Gregory – This historical fiction writer has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Edinburgh. She knows her history!

Stephen E. Ambrose, biographer – Returned every year to Montana since 1976 to camp, canoe and walk the Lewis and Clark trail (so have his children and grandchildren). You can also find some of his biographies in the War Section.

Judith Michael – Is really two people. It is a pseudonym of a husband-wife writing team. Judith Barnard and Michael Fain live in Chicago and Aspen.

Sara Parestsky – Has a Ph.D. in history and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago. She worked 10 years as a marketing manager.

David McCullough – This historian wanted to be an artist. Known as the author of novels, short stories, speeches and a researcher he says, “The past after all, is only another name for someone else’s present.” (From Brave Companions-Portraits in History).

Steve Martini – He has practiced law in both state and federal courts in California. His novels, with great court scenes, show his experience as a law judge and hearing officer.

Jodi Picoult – With 20 or more best seller novels to her credit, Jodi Picoult has co-authored a book with her daughter, Samantha Can Leer. Between the Lines is really a book for the teen group, but is so masterfully written, so inter-woven with good characters, dialogue and adventure, that you forget it is a teen novel. Two library volunteers have already read it and highly recommend it. Check it out through Nancy by calling 802-7144.

But, if you don’t like a book or author, remember – the volunteers don’t write the books. We do, however, welcome your input.

Happy reading!