Footnotes from the Library

Lois Anderson

As spring comes to Sunbird, we hope that you will not stop using our library. As the days get warmer, remember you can go outside for longer periods to enjoy a book. Just remember to keep it out of the pool and away from those black birds that poke into everything.

We pride ourselves that SunBird’s Library has offerings of books, magazines, audio tapes, music discs, games, and puzzles. We now feel that we have become a full-service facility by offering a solution to getting your daily (or weekly) exercise. Here’s how! As you enter the library, make a sharp left turn and begin a circle around the perimeter. On the east side, you might saunter past the westerns and pick up the pace near the war stories. At the corner, you need to sprint past those hot romances.

Nearing the end of the shelves, you can return to the entrance, but for a full workout, step lively into the puzzle room. Do not pause to help find a piece, but carefully weave among the tables (develops balance) past the magazine rack back to the front. If you wish to repeat this sequence one or more times, you may get dizzy. So strut up and down the aisles between the shelves once in a while to break the tension. We don’t guarantee you will lose weight or get firmer muscles, but it is a way to become acquainted with our SunBird Library.

An interesting fact about our library is that we have more than 15,000 items to offer our users. The good folks in SunBird (and a few others) have donated everything in this area. We thank each and every one for your generosity! Books do wear out, so please keep the library in mind after purchasing and reading something. We welcome your fiction, non-fiction, westerns, mysteries, audio tapes, music discs, and puzzles that are fairly new and still in good condition. We DO NOT NEED old textbooks, cookbooks, technical stuff, or books missing covers and pages. We also can use magazines that are less than a year old.

Again, thank you, SunBird, for using our library, and thank you for your donations. Technology is great, but so is a good book or puzzle.