Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

A new year! A new decade! It’s a good time to take a look at our accomplishments in 2019. Below are some solid numbers showing the variety of items your SunBird Library processed:

We have given away 6,037 books (hardbound and paper) to local charities. That is double the 2018 amount. That total does not show the many we had to throw away due to missing pages, coffee stains, and pet chewing.

We also donated more than 80 music discs, 200 DVDs, many Blu-rays and puzzles. The 29 donated VHS videos cannot be used, and we no longer take them. The DVDs are now located on the white shelves under the windows.

We have enjoyed a nice collection of coffee table books, and the War section has expanded and covers a wide variety of battles and soldiers.

Please be aware that due to the recent remodeling of the clubhouse, the items in the library may now be in different locations. Newer signage will be put up to help you find things. Please be patient with our reshelving, and feel free to ask a volunteer for any help.

Special thanks to every person who helped reshelve and organize the library and to those who are still putting in long hours to make it all come together.