Footnotes from the library

Lois Anderson

Here is a little quiz to see how much you know about the library at SunBird:

1. What things do these authors have in common: Tony Hellerman, Margaret Truman and Ron Wick?

2. What families have been written about the most?

3. Who wrote Playing for Pizza, Skipping Christmas and A Painted House?

4. What system for cataloging books is not used in the SunBird Library?

5. Why do some books have a gold star on the ridge of the book?

6. Some authors’ volumes fill several shelves. Can you name them?

7. Occasionally, an author includes a recipe as part of the story. Can you name any of them?

8. Can a person who needs large-print books use the SunBird Library?

9. Is the SunBird Library part of the Maricopa or Chandler Library System?

10. What do I do if I have books or puzzles to donate to the SunBird Library?

11. How can I become a library volunteer?

Answers to the Library Quiz:

1. All write mystery novels and are famous for another reason (T.H., knowledge of SW; M.T., singer and father was president of USA; R. W., resident of SunBird).

2. The Jack Kennedy family and the Windsor royalty of England

3. John Grisham

4. Dewey Decimal System

5. These books are considered classics and have received awards.

6. Louie Larnoure (Westerns), Nora Roberts (Fiction), Debbie Macomber (Fiction) and Danielle Steele (Fiction)

7. Diane Mott Davidson (Mysteries), Nora Roberts (Fiction) and others

8. Yes, we have several shelves of large-print books. Look for the signs telling one where to locate them.

9. No, sorry, we are a private community and only handle SunBird Library books. Any book belonging to those libraries must be returned directly to that library.

10. Any donations may be given to the HOA Office during office hours or given to the workers on Friday Morning at 8:00 a.m. in the SunBird Library. Any donations left on the return cart or a library counter may disappear before they are checked in. Multiple boxes of books may be taken to Nancy Smith. Call her at 480-802-7144 to arrange a time for delivery.

11. SunBird Library Volunteers are always welcome. Just call Nancy at