Footnotes from the library

Lois Anderson

Here are a few reminders for those who use the SunBird Library:

Do donate any good new or used fiction or non-fiction or large print books, complete puzzles, children’s books or newer magazines.

Don’t donate coverless, torn or otherwise damaged materials or pre-2000 health references or textbooks.

Do take your donations to the office or give to a volunteer working in the Library.

Don’t leave donations of any kind on the return cart or a shelf (we have evildoers who steal unmarked books to resell – the newer the more tempting).

Do take home up to five books or a couple of puzzles or other materials.

Don’t take home sacks full of books, all of one author’s collection or items marked to be used only at the Library.

Do handle all our items with care for they have great value to all of SunBird.

Don’t let books get wet or let your dog, cat or other pet chew on books. Check books for photos or grocery lists. We must discard such items. It benefits no one!

Do enjoy our SunBird Library and remember that the honor system means take, enjoy and return promptly.

Don’t decorate your bookshelves with SunBird Library books and puzzles (it means you need to return those items).

Remember, all our thousands of books, hundreds of reference materials and jigsaw puzzles have been donated by SunBird residents for the use of SunBird residents, renters and guests. We have no way to return items to other libraries and they do not return things to us. Keep our Library running smoothly. Please remember our rules. Thank you from the Library volunteers.