Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

We are well into the new year. The activities, clubs and events call to us. It seems redundant to review the old year, but the 2018 SunBird Library facts are worth a look.

It takes about a dozen volunteers to keep the library functioning. It also takes a weekly “work day” to handle all the donations, changes and assorted problems. This is no small job. You readers should be proud of the way our library is maintained.

Below are the 2018 library facts:

We have given away to local charities 3,505 books (hard bound and paper). This total does not show the books we had to throw away due to missing pages, coffee stains and pet chewing.

Also donated were: 12 Blu-ray discs, 131 DVDs, 14 audio cassettes, 55 puzzles and 36 VHS (even though we told you we don’t take VHS!). These figures do not show the many, many cases that came in minus its disc.

If you cannot find an item in our library, it may be because the word FREE is misunderstood. Our library has no membership requirement, no dues, no computer records. We rely on your honesty to return what you have borrowed.

The large “coffee table” books are shelved near the puzzles. These beautiful books are displayed in the Puzzle Room. They are all donated.

Every magazine is donated. The most current date on the magazines is displayed. Reader’s Digest and Arizona Highways keeps older issues. We urge you to read and return so others can enjoy.

Finally, if you have items to donate, leave them at the HOA office. If it is closed, call Nancy at 802-7144 for a pick-up. Our thanks to all you readers.