Footnotes from the library

For those who love to read, February means there are only 28 days to read all the books we want to before the weather warms up and we want to get outdoors more often. February, the shortest month of the year, has more holidays than most. Valentine’s Day, Presidents Days and MLK Day mean that our weekends may be longer. Of course, most of us are not employed full time, but friends and family seem to keep us busy every day of the year, so our reading time seems to get shorter.

Books are taken off our shelves with no record of when they leave or who took them, so please read whatever you chose as quickly as possible. Some of us are reading a series written by an author, and it can be hard to wait for the next one if someone has taken several and reads more slowly. Be courteous to your neighbors and return books as you finish them. You need not wait to bring back that sack full all at once.

We welcome donations and thank all those who regularly give books to the SunBird Library. Since we do not have any funds to purchase books, we rely on donations to fill the shelves, and SunBird has been most generous. Over 15,000+ volumes are currently available, but we need extras all the time. A paperback begins to fall apart after 10 or 12 readings (depending how it is handled by readers). We welcome duplicates to replace those damaged books. Should we get three or four copies of the same book, we may donate those volumes to our military or another smaller library. If a book is chewed by a dog or is missing pages, we recycle the paper.

Nancy and Bob Smith have led SunBird’s volunteer team for many, many years. We thank them for their countless hours of seeing that our library is one of the best in the area. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, just give Nancy a call at 480-802-7144. We welcome any and all who enjoy books to donate some time to keep SunBird’s Library running smoothly.