Footnotes from the library

Nancy Smith

January is a “give-back” month. The first month of the year is giving you 31 days back so you can catch up. Days to think ahead, plan and re-boot.

Days you can read those holiday Christmas books you were too busy to read in December. Days to take home some non-fiction books, like Richard Shelton’s memoir, Going Back to Bisbee. A fun trip to our Arizona city with Sheldon’s wit and descriptions.

Days you can read a biography about that singer or president. Days you can relive a certain war or battle. Our War section holds a large collection of military accounts.

Days you can learn more about your diabetes or cholesterol. Maybe January is a good time to read about eating well or exercise.

Days to find hope and inspiration reading Guideposts magazines. You’ll find current issues in a small basket in the Religious section. There are other spiritual authors here worth checking out.

Now you have some help. Go forth and enjoy January. And please don’t forget to return your books so others can enjoy them, too.