Footnotes from the Library


Lois Anderson

The dog days of summer are upon us as the temperatures begin to soar upward to 100 degrees and beyond. SunBird keeps the clubhouse and our library cool during these warm times, so come on up, sit a bit and enjoy a magazine or one of our many, many volumes.

Surely there is something that will interest you, since we have fiction, mysteries, biographies, histories and war stories, tales that are fiction and some that are real. Ask any volunteer shelving books to help you if you cannot find your favorite author or a special title you are looking for. Sometimes that person can tell you if that item is in our library or still needs to be donated.

Magazines are welcome – just remember to cut off or black out your name and address. This information may not be of interest to some readers, but we never know who may finally get that information on a discarded magazine. Better to avoid problems by removing the label information before making a donation to the library.

Speaking of problems, perhaps some of us are getting more forgetful as we age. CDs and DVDs are being returned, well at least the covers are being returned, but nothing is inside the case. Please, please double check your machine before returning an item with a case. We know it is fun to watch movies in your cool house, so please check to see that you are returning the CD or DVD with the case or cover.

Another good way to use your brain this summer is doing puzzles. We have a large selection on the shelves of the room divider. If your puzzle space also serves as your dining room table, we suggest that you get a large piece of cardboard. Either do the puzzle on the table and cover it with the cardboard when it is dinner time or put the cardboard on the table and remove it and the puzzle so you can use the table for eating. Either way, you will be using many brain cells putting pieces into a puzzle and keeping your mind busy as you keep your body cool.

Happy summer from the library staff!