Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

Your SunBird Library has a good variety of donated magazines. The magazine rack (facing the lobby) will display a variety of magazines with dates as current as possible. We only have what you donate. Please only take a few.

The newspapers (SanTan Sun News, etc.) are delivered by a different, independent company. We have no control over delivery time or amount. They are free.

The Reader’s Digest magazines are located on the counter and cover only 2016-2017 dates. This small-sized volume can travel anywhere. They still have life stories, wit and varied current accounts.

The National Geographic magazines are on the counter facing the windows. This great magazine still has current stories photographed and written by top writers and camera professionals. These magazines cover the years 2015-2017 only.

There is a magazine holder for “state” magazines. We’d love to read about where you’re from. Donate a state magazine here.

Our library does not subscribe to anything. We only have what you give us. We cannot take very old magazines or ones without covers. Also, on the counter is a basket for catalogs. Remember to always remove or ink out your name and address.

What do you have to share with your SunBird library?