Footnotes from the library

Lois Anderson

November is a month for giving thanks and the SunBird Library has much for which we are thankful. To begin, we are thankful for all the many books, puzzles, tapes and other materials that have been donated to fill the shelves of our facility. Some items, such as paperback books, wear out after 10 or 12 readings but just as quickly there are others donated to replace them. Thank you, donors!

We are thankful for the volunteers who shelve returned items, restock our shelves with new material and help SunBirders find a certain book or author. Nancy and Bob Smith head a team of about a dozen who offer their time to keep our Library working smoothly. Thank you, volunteers!

We are thankful to the SunBird HOA for providing a large room and rows of shelves upon which we can display the many books and boxes of puzzles that are used in the Library. Thank you, SunBird HOA!

We are thankful for the many residents of SunBird who enjoy reading or doing puzzles. These folks treat each item as through it was donated just for them and they remember our rules so all may use SunBird’s Library to the fullest. Thank you, SunBirders!

November is a month for giving thanks and to all – thank you!