Footnotes from the Library

Marilyn Klooster

All aboard! Let’s begin a journey into the SunBird Library and escape the heat of summer. How about taking a cool cruise through the aisles of book shelves? Requirements for this trip? No reservations needed, no travel tickets to purchase; however, there is a carry-on bag restriction. Place (borrow) no more than five books in your bag per trip.

Many new books and puzzles have been added to our shelves for your sight-seeing pleasure. Check the Best Seller’s List and you might spot a recent book by your favorite author and, in your travels, become acquainted with new, to you, writers. Several authors write sagas. Their stories are continued within several volumes. A highlight of your journey through a saga is when you read the series in order. Doing this provides you with a continuity of characters, places and events.

Pause at the collection of the large print volumes. The shelving area has been expanded to accommodate the larger book sizes. Large print periodicals are located here. Stop by Nancy’s Shelf located at the end of stacks as you enter the library area. She has selected literary award winning books, authors from the past and present, especially for you.

To make room on the shelves old volumes with multiple copies are withdrawn from the library. Also, books which have been enjoyed and returned beyond repair are removed and destroyed. Use extra care when borrowing books especially around pets and pools. Mark your last read page with a bookmark. This helps to keep the spine intact. Please keep book jackets with hard back volumes for protection, and author and story synopsis (not for warmth – ha! ha!).

The library journey has no end but is full of destinations. Reading and even rereading a favorite book may reveal surprises hidden in the narrative. To quote one of my favorite authors, James Patterson, “My goal in writing is to make reading a book as fun as surfing the web.”

May you surf and catch the wave of fun within the SunBird Library.