Footnotes from the Library

Marilyn Klooster

What is a sharing library? In contrast to a lending library, the SunBird Community Library has no procedures for check-out/return dates for shared books, audiovisuals and puzzles. We trust our residents!

What does it mean to share in our library? All residents of SunBird own a share of the library as a source for relaxation and entertainment. With this share comes responsibility – not only to receive, use, experience and enjoy the fruits of the library, but also, to return them to the library. When a disc is missing inside the case (which is returned) or when book sections are depleted (more than five taken) our sharing library sources become limited to other shareholders.

April is time for taxes and home transitions for many of our residents. Before you leave for the summer, please check for and return items you have enjoyed from our library; in your DVD players for CDs and your shelves and personal book nooks for favorite reads.

Like the ebb and flow of the oceans on distant shores, our SunBird Library is replenished and refreshed with the ebb and flow of sharing with one another. Thank you for your donations of books, magazines, CDs and puzzles and for your support to our sharing library!