Fascinating array of speakers at Sun Lakes Rotary

Senator Bob Worsley

Senator Bob Worsley

Norm Noble

At the Rotary Club meeting on January 5 there will be two speakers, Dr. Ross Bremner M.D., Ph.D. and John Sentz. The title of their presentation will be “Applying Current Medical Research to Save a Life.” Dr. Bremner is the Director of the John and Doris Norton Thoracic Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. He is board certified in cardiothoracic and general surgery. Dr. Bremner’s clinical interests include minimally-invasive thoracic surgery, thoracic oncology and lung transplantation. He has an active interest in thoracic oncology research and directs a research laboratory located at the TGen facility in Phoenix. His research has helped many patients including John Sentz, who will relate his story and how the doctor saved his life.

At the January 12 meeting, Christina Ratto, Business Manager at Picmonic, Inc., will present “Challenges in running a High Tech startup with Millennia employees – a new Culture.” As she will point out, it’s difficult to ignore the uptick in managers complaining about the challenge of managing Millennials; a generation often perceived as markedly independent and stubborn.

On January 26, the speaker will be Senator Bob Worsley. The title of his presentation will be, “A Simple Way to Close the Southern Border.” He was elected to the State Senate two years ago and serves as Chair of the Transportation Committee; he is also a member of the Judiciary and the Commerce and Workforce Development committees. Bob brings a wealth of practical, problem-solving and entrepreneurial successes with him to the Senate. He founded SkyMall in 1989 and sold it 13 years later to Rupert Murdoch’s TV Guide group; 10 years after founding SkyMall, he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.

Bob founded NZ Legacy in 2002, a land, mineral and energy development company. Currently, NZ Legacy has a joint venture with a large Texas oil and gas company to explore the marketing potential of vast potash deposits of the Holbrook basin for agricultural use. He also developed a 27 megawatt biomass generating plant in Snowflake, Arizona, providing a green source of electricity to 27,000 homes in the White Mountains.

Bob is very active in finding a long-term total solution to the immigration problem in Arizona and feels strongly that compassion and keeping families together needs to be part of the ultimate answer. He is currently aligned with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to promote the S.A.N.E. solution to immigration reform. He has introduced a bill to authorize a military-grade virtual border fence that will be used to verify border operational control. A funding & feasibility plan is underway.

The Rotary Club of Sun Lakes meets for breakfast every Tuesday morning at 6:30 a.m. in the Oakwood Country Club Ballroom. The meetings start at 7:00 a.m. and end promptly at 8:00 a.m. The cost of breakfast is $12. To make reservations for any meeting, contact Rotarian Don Prestin at 480-802-0439.