Dumpsters in 1A

Marianna Buescher, Rules Compliance Committee

Have you ever cruised through the 1A area of SunBird and noticed the trash and recycle receptacles overflowing? Furniture, boxes, and bags of trash lying on the ground because the bins are so full? What a sad thing to see in our beautiful resort community. Aren’t you glad that you do not live across the street from these bins and see that every time you look out the window? Nobody is scheduled to pick up trash or recycle items outside of these bins. If you have a large piece of trash that needs to be dumped, you can call the City of Chandler at 480-782-3510 to come and pick up your items. Another option is to take it to the Solid Waste Collection center located at 955 E. Queen Creek Road in Chandler.

Only people who live in 1A may use these dumpsters. If you go to the dumpsters and they are full, do not leave your trash or recycle items sitting on the ground to clutter up the area. Be kind to your neighbors and be respectful of our beautiful neighborhood.