Do I Really Need Golf Cart Insurance?

Something that many may not be aware of is golf cart insurance. Normally, one may think, “I don’t really need golf cart insurance, as I do not take my golf cart outside of the community, and only operate it within the private roads or golf course of SunBird.” Other thoughts may be, “If my golf cart is damaged in some way, the value of it is not that great of a concern.” Something you might consider is, what if you or a driver of your golf cart causes property damage or bodily injury to someone else by accident in SunBird. Are you, or are they, covered by insurance in this case? It may be a good time to check with your auto insurance and homeowners insurance policy or agent to find the answer to this question. Insuring a golf cart is sometimes an additional specific item noted in an insurance policy. The purpose of this article is to help bring this to the attention of some who may not be aware of this potential liability that is not often thought about.