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Eddie Pepe before

Eddie Pepe before

Eddie Pepe after

Eddie Pepe after

Rosie VanderVeen

My friend Eddie Pepe is 83 years young! Have you seen him on the street walking and carrying weights? He’s found a new lease on life. He doesn’t talk the talk … he walks the walk.

An overcomer! Now a little background information.

Eddie’s dad, an Italian immigrant, came to America in 1923.

Eddie served in the Army from 1954-1957.

1955 had an epiphany at the shrine in Fatima, Italy

1956 went to Rome with the priest from his diocese and saw the Pope

Attended a mass where Padre Pio presided – at this point, he aspired to be a priest.

When he was discharged from the Army, a woman named Rose altered his plan. They were married for almost 50 years; she passed away in 2009.

He worked 40 years in the retail grocery/produce industry, holding various management positions.

He has a son and two grandchildren and is soon to be a great-grandfather.

Previous Medical History:

1978 blockage in the lung (sarcoidosis) which is scar tissues – origin unknown

2005 Angina attack result triple bypass surgery

2008 TIA (transient ischemic attack) a mini stroke

2009 Pacemaker

2015 Blockage in the muscle of his heart – inoperable, and a stint could worsen the condition – angiogram was performed; however, regaining consciousness was slow.

2016 Stress test indicated no improvement of his heart.

2016 Annual checkup – he was 5’5”, overweight, out of breath and lacking vitality. His perspective of life was becoming negative, dwelling on his mortality, mourning friends who’d succumbed to various conditions. He contemplated moving closer to his son, assuming he didn’t have much more time on this earth. Golfing 18 holes a week dropped to 9 holes. His cardiologist said he needed to lose weight; it was not a heart problem, but a weight problem. Eddie was not receptive to the suggestions.

As energy warned, his physician advised him to perform a daily regimen – walking one mile a day carrying three-pound weights, performing 90 minutes of exercise – cardio bike, Nu step and elliptical, incorporating deep breathing techniques. In addition, modification of diet, a weight-loss goal of 15 pounds. Instrumental to his progress are Joan Cruz who encouraged him to find a cardiologist, neighbor Charlie Albright, a faithful daily trainer, and wife Peggy, the advocate.

Eddie’s weight loss currently is 26 pounds! He’s sporting suspenders for his 40-inch-waist shorts, or he might lose them. He also juices regularly and has an acute awareness of proper nutrition. At his three-month checkup, his physician was astonished at his appearance saying, “Few patients respond to instructions with such zeal.”

“My overall health has improved, I’m playing 18 holes of golf twice a week, blood pressure is normal, medications have been removed or altered to a lower dose and depression has lifted. Life is a great blessing; God willing, I have much more to accomplish.”

If you should encounter him on the road, give him a high five!

Miracles still happen! Get off the couch … go to the gym.