Did you know?

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

It has been reported that some residents are putting out food or bird seed for birds. Feeding wildlife is prohibited by Arizona State law and is not permitted in our community.

The SunBird Declaration of Restrictions Article 2.11 ANIMALS AND PETS states: “No animals, birds, fowl, poultry or livestock, other than a reasonable number of domestic dogs, cats, fish and birds in cages, shall be maintained on any lot, and then only if they are kept thereon solely as domestic pets…”

Architectural Control Guidelines state on page two: “Seeded bird feeders and bird houses are not allowed on any residential property or common area.”

Please avoid putting any food or bird seed on your lot and/or in the common area. While doing so may be well-intended, the reality is that the birds, animals and insects these attract create not only a nuisance but a potential health hazard.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance. Your assistance in maintaining the integrity and standards set by the Homeowners Association will be greatly appreciated in your neighborhood.