Did You Know?

The golf course relies on two sources of irrigation water to keep our course and common areas green. We have a privately owned (by the SunBird Golf Club) deep water well located within the walls of Sunbird. It is 600 feet deep and is serviced by one 150-horsepower electric pump.

Pickleball got its start in Bainbridge Island, Wash., in 1965, according to the website Pickleball.com. This game was introduced to SunBird in 2007, when two women (Margaret McCathern and Karen Gilmore) bought eight paddles and started having fun on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This game has continued to grow in SunBird as well as across the country.

The SunBird Golf Resort logo has a picture of a heron taking flight. The SunBird Golf Club logo has a picture of a hummingbird.

SunBird was originally designed to have just over 1,200 lots for manufactured homes with at least four laundry rooms with swimming pools at each area. The original phone system was set up much like a hotel telephone system. The number 9 had to be dialed first to call outside of SunBird, and you could call neighbors by simply dialing the lot number.

As you enter SunBird from Riggs Road and stop at the first stop sign at the corner of Championship Drive and SunBird Blvd, if you look to the right, there is a memorial garden and plaque for Elvis Johnson. Elvis was a SunBird resident who lost his life when he was run over by his own car. A purse snatcher had taken Elvis’ wife’s purse, and when he pursued the thief, the thief jumped into Elvis’ car and ran him over. This occurred in the late 1980s, according to a local resident.