Dancing = Unbelievable benefits

Mary Lou Kaye

Social Dancing provides so many benefits – social, physical, mental, psychological and, most of all, it’s FUN. You’ll never regret adding it to your lifetime of accomplishments.

If you don’t aspire to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers status but want to avoid the Abbott and Costello syndrome, check this out.

Basic Social Dance lessons are offered on several different days and time slots, making it convenient for the residents of the SunBird Golf Resort. Mary Lou Kaye, a certified dance instructor, offers a KISS (Keep It Super Simple) method of learning that will have you moving and grooving to any kind of music you hear within the first hour.

To get on the list to receive notices directly to your mailbox about the next opportunity for a FREE Sample class, give her a call at 480-939-1869 or email her at [email protected].