Dancing – the fountain of youth

Mary Lou Kaye

Besides being fun, dancing is an activity that offers many rewards to the participants. You can exercise without “working” out, improve your social life, increase flexibility and agility, strengthen your balance, develop more social poise and confidence, strengthen all your muscles, meet new friends, improve your skills in other sports and physical activities… all this while holding a good-looking partner in your arms. It is truly the Fountain of Youth.

And “social” dancing is the most fun of all… it’s much less formal than ballroom dancing and allows you to strut your stuff on small dance floors to any kind of music you may prefer… standards, golden oldies, rock and roll, country… any genre that rings your bell.

And… it’s incredibly easy to get on the dance floor. At the end of the first class, you will be able to move and groove with any song you hear. Walk In ~ Dance Out!

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