Current ACC guidelines reviewed

ACC Committee

During the March 2018 ACC meetings, the decision was made to review the current ACC Rule/Regulation, Flags, Pennants and Flag Poles, located on page 2 of the 02/20/2018 revised ACC Guidelines document. During these reviews, it was decided that the scope of all official rules/regulations about flags, pennants and flag poles were too many and too varied; therefore, the coming summer months will be used as an ACC project that will be presented to the HOA Board for approval during November 2018.

In the meantime, your help will visually add a neater and cleaner SunBird appearance. Those leaving SunBird before the summer arrival and those staying all year in SunBird, please take action with these two current rules and regulations:

1. All seasonal flags, pennants, banners must be removed during the off-season periods.

2. All flags, pennants, banners must be clean and neat in appearance; no rips, no tears, no frays, not faded.