Cottonwood Clay Sculpture Class – March 2015

Evelyn Shea

Thank you to those of you who have participated in or referred students to the Cottonwood Clay Sculpture class! My plans to relocate may affect the closing of the Cottonwood Clay Sculpture class. As I’m writing this announcement for the March issue of the Sun Lakes Splash and the SunBird News, I have not yet found a teacher to continue our class. If you are interested in teaching this class, please contact me at 480-926-1240 or Linda Caton, the Activity Director for Cottonwood, at 480-895-3550, ext. 308.

I have really enjoyed teaching clay sculpture (since 2003) to the residents and visitors of Sun Lakes and SunBird! More importantly, the artists and students would really like to have their class continue! So I’m asking our readers – if you know someone who may be interested in this position – please have them contact either Linda Caton or me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Also, if you are a former member of this class and have left artwork or tools, etc. in the Cottonwood Ceramic room (Rm. 8), please come and get them. This may be your last chance to do so.