Continue to Grow—In a Good Way

Bill Haskell discusses the American Revolution in his December class.

Bill Haskell discusses the American Revolution in his December class.

Mary Kenny

You have probably heard of New Adventures (NA) in Learning, our community’s lifelong learning program. Did you know that NA is the place to explore your interests and challenge your curiosity?

Each of us has interests—maybe even goals—outside our formal schooling and jobs. We are natural learners, and we continue to grow. So, what are you curious about: History, science, finances, health?

We challenge you to engage in an NA learning experience. We offer classes that appeal to people like you, like me, like so many others in the community, because NA provides classes that help our members grow and learn while building new friendships.

As of Dec. 1, we have completed several online classes and are looking forward to five more starting in December.

One of the December presenters is Bill Haskell. We know Bill loves to read and discuss history. As he says, “While many people tend to look at history as a dead science, in reality, it is vibrant and alive with new discoveries and interpretations every day.”

Bill reminds us that differences of opinion aren’t new to the 21st century. “There was clearly a difference of opinion over governance of the American colonies. Some colonists believed they were English citizens with all the rights and benefits thereof.” Others argued in support of complete separation from British rule and the establishment of the United Colonies of America.

Bill’s upcoming class, American Revolution (Part 1), meets via Zoom on Dec. 14, 16, and 18, from 1 to 2:30 p.m., and covers the very earliest parts of the American Revolution, with emphasis on the causes and the initial responses of both the British government and the American colonists. Subsequent classes, to be presented in the spring, will focus on the Declaration of Independence and other publications, such as Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, the Continental Congresses, and more.

Preliminary results of student evaluations have shown members to be overwhelmingly positive about their online NA fall classes. Thanks to all presenters (who are all volunteers) and to the whole team that created plans, videos, and other training materials as well as to those who provide technical support during classes to make this online experience successful.

By the end of the fall semester, our Governing Council—all volunteers, of course—will have had a chance to evaluate the outcome of our first virtual semester and make adjustments to ensure spring classes are a valuable learning experience for all.

We’re all experiencing different emotions during this unusual time. Join us at NA to find a supportive community, keep your brain flexible, overcome boredom, and possibly even sleep better, and improve self-confidence.

To register for Bill Haskell’s class, browse December classes still open, or for more information about New Adventures in Learning, visit, or call 480-857-5500.