Computer Booters goes into summer hibernation

Ed Robson Library’s new branch manager, Jenny Young, and Al Hill

Ed Robson Library’s new branch manager, Jenny Young, and Al Hill

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

Our May general meeting was most likely comprised of residents who are year-rounders of the Sun Lakes-SunBird areas. How nice to see all the smiling faces there to listen and ask questions of our guest speaker Jenny Young.

It was great to have Alan Levy with us again after his medical vacation – “Not.” He gave information about privacy now being dead. We’ve missed his upbeat missives concerning the safety of our computer usage.

Jenny Young is the new branch manager of our Ed Robson Branch Library at 9330 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ. We were informed of what our neighborhood library has to offer, and Jenny’s extended “welcome,” along with an invitation, got us to visit and experience first-hand any or all of the library’s resources, both online and in the library building. Jenny affirmed that acquiring assistance for any search is as simple as a request for help.

The library routinely offers interesting and updated programs. It was explained that we can now visit the library via our computers at to renew our library cards, sign up for “free” on-line courses using our library cards, download free songs, view the scheduled library events plus much more. Of course, stopping in is always welcome and is a perfect way to stay cool this summer. We thank you, Jenny Young, for giving us your attention and guidance into the library and its uses. We certainly look forward to learning more from you. You are one “cool” lady!

The Computer Booters Board is currently working on establishing next year’s guest speakers for our meetings. We have been so fortunate in those who have answered our request to come and present information to us (the members of our club) about the world of computing. We have learned much, and we know that we want to continue along this avenue for additional computing knowledge.

Should anyone have an idea for a new/different speaker about computer usage, let us know. Computers are used in all aspects of life, and we’re surprised to learn about some of the many areas; farming, teaching, learning, watering lawns and running vehicles to name a few.

Know, just because it’s summer, that behind the scenes the club is still busy. Visit to see some of the continuing club information and new ideas. With summer (the club’s recess) there won’t be any meetings or workshops. Meetings will resume September 5 with sign-ups for workshops that start again in October, along with many other club activities.

Visit that website put out by our own Rich Davis, richthewebsiteguy, for club alerts and news. In the late summer, articles will again be run in the Sun Lakes Splash and the SunBird News, along with community postings throughout the areas.

Have a safe and fun summer, and we look forward to your return this fall. Perhaps we’ll all share our summer adventures over cookies and coffee at the September meeting.