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Bob Gostischa and Al Hill

Bob Gostischa and Al Hill

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

The Computer Booters February general meeting had full turnout with many welcomed guests. Hopefully these guests found our club meeting interesting, full of computer information, friendly and fun.

Allan Levy, Class Director, presented “A Technology Update” about the “Whys and What If’s” of changing or not to Windows 10. As usual, his talks give us something to think about.

It was a pleasure to welcome back Bob Gostischa. He spoke about protecting ourselves, our computers and our identity when using the computer. This security expert is always welcomed back to bring us up to date about the safety of internet experiences. He spoke about the Avast security software that he has worked with since 2004. His experience allows him to tell what that program does and can do towards our security protection. He reminds us to keep our eyes open and to beware of preventable disasters on ever changing computer situations. He continually adds new flavorful additions in talks allowing us to chuckle. Thank you Bob for visiting and speaking with us again.

Don Cook will be the speaker at the March 1 general meeting. He’ll talk to us about the GPS and discuss the interesting use of them in personal lifestyles and occupations. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him speak about all the uses of a GPS device then you are in for some big surprises. Bring your questions along. He has the answers.

It’s speakers like Bob and many others that are so helpful to the club members which make it a great reason to become a club member. Since computer knowledge changes so quickly it is comforting to be able to learn and to share with others, even in tiny steps, the knowledge of updating our computer safety usage.

Of course there are many other reasons. Visit our website at to see these advantages. You’ll see information about special classes, meeting reminders, membership applications, the clubs newsletters and much more.

March classes:

* March 7 – Using the Cloud; Allan Levy

* March 9 and 16 – Advance Excel; Leo Klebanou

* March 14 – Turbo Tax; Al Hill

Join us at our March 1 general meeting at the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 Sun Lakes Blvd in Sun Lakes. Pick up a guest badge and club information with a membership form from a membership volunteer at the entrance to the Navajo Room. You are so welcome!