Community Church of SunBird news

Bob Neuman

Thanksgiving, Christmas and now the beginning of a new year with those resolutions that disappear unfulfilled quickly.

The Christians’ time is to thank God for the bounty and very survival. Should we do less?

To recognize God as Lord is to acknowledge he is sovereign and supreme. To accept Him as Savior is to accept His gift of salvation offered on the cross. To regard Him as father in our life is a step further. Ideally, a father provides and protects, exactly what God has done. It now falls upon us to be trusting children.

We are blessed to have a group of competent and interesting ministers for our services. One is the talented Minister Jim Baugh, who is frequently abroad as missionary instructing local men to become pastors and teachers for their many people thirsting to know about our Lord.

Jim is affiliated with Global Training and can be reached there. He is asking for our prayers and would welcome monetary support.

Throughout the winter, we will have our choir and soloists delivering great music. SunBird Community Church is nondenominational and based on the Bible. Our members invite you to visit us any Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the SunBird Ballroom and meet our friendly congregation and hear an uplifting message by an experienced minister. Come try it; you’ll like it.