Coming soon: City Code Enforcement


Bonnie, Community Administrator

The City of Chandler has mailed out postcards to many SunBird residents in regards to Code Enforcement Inspectors coming to our neighborhood. This advisory is to provide homeowners the opportunity to eliminate any violations prior to the first inspection.

Listed below are the most common residential violations:

* Weeds, bushes, trees and other vegetation. Keep the exterior of your property free from overgrown grass, weeds, trees, bushes and shrubs.

* Inoperable Vehicles. Vehicles that are unlicensed, wrecked, abandoned or in disrepair may not be stored in public view on your property.

* Parking. Parking on an unimproved surface, such as grass, gravel or dirt, is not allowed in most areas. All vehicles, including but not limited to recreational vehicles, boats and trailers, are required to be parked on the existing driveway or on a paved parking surface composed of concrete, pavers or bricks.

* Fences, screens, walls and retaining walls. All fences and walls must be structurally sound, safe and free of deterioration. They must not be a hazard or in a condition of disrepair.

* Outside storage. Items including, but not limited to, furniture, yard equipment, tools, building materials, vehicle parts, tires, appliances, cleaning equipment, landscaping equipment or boxes must be kept out of public view.

* Litter, trash and debris. Property must be kept free from any accumulation of litter, trash and/or debris.

Please take a walk around your property to determine if you have any code violations and please bring your property into compliance with the City of Chandler Codes and the SunBird HOA Rules & Regulations.

The ACC Committee will be driving around the community checking for weeds, trimmings of all bushes and trees, sunscreen maintenance, patios and carport clutter and painting of any fascia boards and skirting around your home.

Please continue to help us with keeping SunBird a desirable place to live.  Thank You.