Come play “Rattlesnake” Golf


The Snakes play a modified Stableford golf format currently on Tuesday (randomly assigned team competition) and Wednesday (individual competition) afternoons. We normally have a season of games from November through March, and then the group hibernates during the summer season.

Stableford is a golf format where points are assigned according to your stroke score for each hole. “Snakes” games, Hole-in-one pots, 7 progressive Rattler KPs (all Par 3’s) and a “Run for the Jackpot” are all optional games we like to include in the fun. A nominal entry fee is required each time you play and is used to award cash prizes and Pro Shop chits.

To become part of the fun, you can provide five completed 18 hole scorecards, signed, attested and dated; or have a current USGA index or Canada equivalent (the Pro Shop can help you with this if you don’t yet have one); and a good attitude. Playing in the Rattlesnakes is a good way to meet new friends and become active in our great community. There are no annual dues. Come play once or come play all season.

Contact Dave White at 425-359-9311 or Gary Hall at 303-378-5576 for more information and how to join in the fun with the Rattlesnakes.