Citizen Safety Forum 2016

Chandler Police Officers Tina Balsewicz and Robin Atwood

Chandler Police Officers Tina Balsewicz and Robin Atwood

Shirley Jackson

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office sponsored the Citizen Safety Forum 2016 at the Community Center in downtown Chandler on Wednesday, May 4. The agenda included speakers on traveling criminal organizations, prescription safety and phone scams. All subjects we were aware of, but learned even more from them, a refreshment course on many items. Attorney Bill Montgomery spoke during lunch and introduced Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan. Crime rate in 2015 was the lowest crime rate ever experienced in Chandler. There are just fewer than 340 Chandler police officers. Chief Duggan asked us to participate in neighborhood watch to be aware of what is going on in our own neighborhood.

Chandler police representatives handed out various forms of information including being a good witness, and advising the Police Department of any suspicious activity. In our closest precinct, we have Officer Robin Atwood available for speaking to our clubs, and making lockboxes available at no cost to our residents. Robin is our community resource representative. We were provided more information from the County Attorney representatives, including an Elder Resource Guide for Maricopa County.

On Kerby Farms Road here in SunBird, some of our neighbors meet every Monday evening from 6:00-7:00 p.m., rotating the meeting in our homes, where we keep up-to-date on anything going on in our area, in our neighborhood. Sharing experiences and suggestions for tech support, service people or good restaurants. Some of our snowbird friends have gone home, but they will return in October and pick up where they left off. It was at a group meeting where we learned of this forum. Might I suggest you form your own Monday night group? It can be very resourceful and entertaining.