Cheers Social Group Activities

Some of our Cheers members enjoying the Halloween party at poolside at Oakwood Country Club

Cheers Trip Opportunities: Some of our members took advantage of the beautiful weather we have been enjoying by taking a short trip to Rocky Point, Mexico, where they played golf and relaxed on the beach. In February there are two opportunities to vacation for three night stays in Rocky Point, where you can whale watch, play golf, or spend time at a spa.

A tour of Sky Harbor Airport was attended by five of our members on Oct. 20. It was interesting to learn about the terminal operations and the Sky Train, and plans for the future. The tour was organized by Sue Arko, past owner of Free Spirit Vacations.

At our Nov. 3 social, we had a presentation on the October 2023 Greek Isle Tour. Other activities that our members intend to enjoy are a Holiday Mystery Tour on Dec. 8 and a lunch and show at Barleens on Dec. 14.

Longer term, several of our members are off to Egypt in January where they will be on a 13-day tour starting in Cairo and including a Nile River cruise and visits to Aswan, Luxor, and Alexandria.

Cheers travel itineraries are open to all, since we use licensed travel agents. For more information, call Richard Lewin at 609-332-3915, or Donna Clucky at Free Spirit Vacations at 480-926-4447, Ext. 2. As we use travel agents, all are welcome on these tours. For more information, visit our website

Monthly Wine Tasting: Once a month a member of our group opens their house for wine tasting. Lorene Roberts leads this monthly social time. For the month of November, member Wende Bunting hosted our event where we try new and exciting wines, followed by a potluck dinner. We have 20 to 35 members join in this great socializing opportunity with friends, and sample what may be new wines to some.

Cheers Golf Group: After another short break, our golf group was back up and playing in the middle of October after the October overseed. On Oct. 21 eight of us golfed nine holes of Ironwood, where member Donna Smid scored a birdie on hole 16, a par 4. On the 28th we golfed Springfield golf course where member Richard Lewin scored a birdie on hole 4, a par 3. On Nov. 4 we golfed at Sun Lakes Country Club. After golf, we stopped at the lounge for social time to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the round.

Please contact Mike Swoverland, either at our weekly meeting at the Oakwood clubhouse in the Bradford Room or via email at [email protected], for information on joining our new golf group. Contact Ginny Marr at 480-390-5145, or Richard Lewin at 609-332-3915, for more information on our club and membership. We look forward to having you come and visit us at our Thursday social time at Oakwood Country Club. All singles are welcomed.