Cheers Singles out on a Mystery Tour

Ann Kisner

Not too long ago, a group of Cheers Singles once again ventured out on a “Mystery Tour” day trip into the unknown. It turned out to be not too far from home in the Tucson area. What an interesting, exciting, and educational trip this turned out to be. Check this one out, as it could be a great place to take your grandchildren when they are visiting.

The day started out with the Shamrock Farms Dairy tour. The tour presented the magic of milk happening with a ride on the cow-spotted tram. This trip went from feeding and petting the cows to seeing a real working dairy. Ten thousand cows. What a great trip this was.

After the dairy tour, we moved on to the Neon Sign Park in Downtown Casa Grande. This is probably a dying art. The signs that are preserved, such as Dairy Queen, Burma Shave, Horse Shoe Motel and many others, are there for you to enjoy. This was a great treat.

The final tour of the day was the auto museum in Casa Grande. If you are a car buff, this was a fun and a great way to end the day and return to Sun Lakes.

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