Change in occupancy/renters notice

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

A SunBird Rental form must be completed for any change of occupancy in your home, along with a copy of the occupant’s driver’s license. According to Rules and Regulations, Article X, Section 1-C:

“Homeowners shall notify any potential renter(s) or lessee(s), or any other potential occupant(s), prior to signing or making any rental, lease or other agreement(s) of occupancy, of the Age-Restricted Policy. A SunBird Rental Form must be completed and submitted by mail, fax or personal delivery each time a SunBird home has a change in renters or occupants. Homeowners must submit a copy of a driver’s license or birth certificate or other acceptable legal document of the potential renter(s) or lessee(s) or any other potential occupant(s) prior to signing any occupancy agreements indicating that at least one occupant is 55 years of age or older and that all other occupant(s) are at least nineteen (19) years of age to the SunBird HOA office by mail, facsimile and/or personal delivery.

Homeowners are responsible for an.iolations of the deed restrictions, rules and regulations, and other policies.”

Please help us with providing all the above information at any time there is a change in occupancy in your home. If you are renewing a lease for an existing occupant, we will need the new renewal lease. Thank you for your cooperation.