CC&R Proposed Change Coming to Your Mailbox Soon…

Steve Seel, Board Vice President

The following are written by four of your HOA Board of Directors with the intent of providing our residents with their perspectives of both Golf Club members and non-members.

The CC&R Proposed Change Is a WinWin for Everyone!

From the perspective of Lisa Onyx, board secretary, and Jim Anderson, board treasurer:

We are both new homeowners who joined SunBird Golf Club shortly after moving. We chose SunBird Golf Resort because it has a friendly reputation with a diverse set of activities that encourages an energetic and social lifestyle. A large clubhouse, restaurant, golf, tennis, pickleball, hiking, swimming pools, musical entertainment, and many more clubs are all part of the mix that attracted us. We also believed all of these activities would be supported in the future to meet our changing lifestyles and to maintain our home values.

SunBird was developed as a community 20-plus years ago. We all purchased homes here with the knowledge and expectation that the golf course would add to our home values. It has. The golf course is the centerpiece of SunBird, and our home values are linked to its success. If the golf course thrives, our home values increase.

We all see the improvements that the HOA has made recently with the clubhouse renovation, pool expansion, sport courts renovation, and restaurant kitchen update. Most of this money came from new home buyers’ fees paid at closing. Aging assets need to be updated to keep SunBird vibrant and attractive. The golf course also needs updating, especially with an aging irrigation system and ponds that need renovation. Unfortunately, they have never had a source of revenue beyond green fees and membership fees, and they do not have a robust reserve fund in place.

The largest projects that will be partially funded are actually important to everyone in SunBird. All of the golf course lakes are actually stormwater retention ponds for the subdivision (very important during any rainstorm to prevent home and street flooding). The lakes also provide a beautiful environment for our wildlife and for us to admire. The green golf fairways make for a grand entrance to SunBird and give our neighborhood a park-like feel.

The Golf Club has made significant changes over the last 12 months that include:

• New course superintendent, Brendan, with 27 years of Arizona golf course experience. Our course has never looked greener, and he does it very cost effectively.

• New Pro Shop Manager Laurie has only been on-board a few months. She brings a friendliness to our team with years of skilled Pro Shop management experience. Laurie is reaching out to all residents with new gear for tennis, pickleball, swimming, and resort wear.

• Annual dues for all golf course members, in addition to green fees, were put in place in July, 2020.

The SunBird Golf Club is an integral part of the SunBird community that:

Adds value to our homes;

Helps protect community from home and street flooding;

Provides a beautiful, lush entrance and park-like space for homeowners and friends; and

Provides affordable and fun golf for residents and guests.

Our Golf Board and the HOA Board have worked closely together to enhance synergy between the two groups. They have proven that working together can be mutually beneficial, and we are optimistic that this will continue going forward. That is why we support the proposed CC&R change that will not have any cost to existing homeowners.

But here is the important part. We need everyone to vote. There are 816 yes votes needed for this to pass.

Non-Golf Club Members Assessment

From the perspective of Dan Buescher and Bill Ley, board directors at large:

As SunBird homeowners, we take tremendous pride in our community. Our community consists of two entities, being the SunBird HOA and the SunBird Golf Course. The two entities jointly rely on each other to maintain our beautiful community and all the amenities we have to offer here at SunBird.

As a non-golfer and a part-time golfer, it is easy for us to see the value of an active golf course, both aesthetically and financially. We are personally convinced that amending the CC&Rs allowing financial support is in the best interest of both the SunBird HOA and the SunBird Golf Course.

What to watch for…

Please watch for the Golf Club CC&R change coming in late December for your vote! If you’d like more information, please contact any member of the HOA or Golf Board for more information pertaining to the content of the proposed CC&R change.