CC&R Proposed Amendment Approved

Layne Varney, General Manager

This morning, Thursday, April 1, SunBird verified and tallied the consent form responses regarding the CC&R proposed amendment of Section 9.2, Section 6.3, and Section 6.7(c). For an amendment to the CC&Rs, it requires an affirmative response by a majority (816) of the lots from the total number (1,631) of lots in SunBird.

A Yes response is in favor to allow the HOA to financially assist the SunBird Golf Course with restrictions.

A No response shall have the effect of retaining the existing CC&Rs and rejecting the proposed changes as stated.

The proposed amendment received the required number of Yes responses of at least 816 lots and has passed.

983 Approved

288 Disapproved

26 Undecided

We appreciate all those who participated in the process of organizing, mailing. and tallying the responses.

The Board of Directors will authorize the amendment change as a formality at the next business meeting. The new CC&R amendments will be recorded with Maricopa County. Notification will be sent to real estate and title companies conducting business within SunBird.