Canadians repeat

Wes Akerman

The annual golf tournament to raise funds to improve the aesthetics of SunBird pitted the Canadians, Roadrunners, Americans and Bandits (CRAB) in club to club competition on November 22; 32 players from each club were slotted into CRAB foursomes. Players had the opportunity to socialize with others they might not otherwise meet, a unique feature of this tournament. The Canadians triumphed by a mere one point over the well -practiced Americans.

The only prize to be won was bragging rights so the real winner was SunBird Golf Club with a deposit of $5,200 to their account. Maintaining the pristine condition of our golf course is in the best interest of everyone living in SunBird, particularly those with homes on the course.

The event culminated with a tasty Texas pork loin barbecue on the patio organized by our General Manager Rick Lantgen and his staff. During lunch a silent auction of goods donated by individual players and a 50/50 draw raised additional monies.

Once again the event proved to be so popular and teams filled up so quickly that plans are already underway for an auction November 20 and a tournament November 21.